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Outreach material

ERA-MBT publications

The Marine Biotechnology Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap

September 2016

ERA-MBT Foresight report

July 2016

Outlining opportunities for collaboration with other initiatives 

June 2016

Marine Biotechnology Research Projects funded for Blue Growth under Horizon 2020

June 2016

Mapping of National Research and Policy Priorities on Marine Biotechnology of the ERA-MBT Partner Countries

June 2016

Marine Biotechnology and utilization of Marine Bioresources: Mapping existing training/education and gap analysis

October 2015

Funding schemes and mapping of marine biotechnology financing

May 2015

Update global priority list of relevant international initiatives

May 2015

Industry needs for new legislation for IPR/IPP

May 2015

Map of Tech-Transfer Practice and Policy

April 2015

Update of relevant regional, national and European initiatives and list of research projects 

April 2015

Updated mapping of the MBT environments

April 2015

First Marine Biotechnology Stakeholder meeting report

March 2015

Report on ERA-MBT Open Stakeholder Consultation

February 2015

Definition of Marine biotechnology as a subset of biotechnology in general

December 2014

Membership of the International Advisory Board (IAG) 

October 2014

Development of a vision for ERA-MBT 

October 2014


ERA-MBT outreach material

Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET brochure

Oktober 2014

Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET poster

Oktober 2014

Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET roll-up banner

Oktober 2014

First Transnational Call brochure

Oktober 2014

Second Transnational Call brochure

Oktober 2014


ERA-MBT newsletters

ERA-MBT Newsletter 7

December 2017


ERA-MBT Newsletter 6

June 2017


ERA-MBT Newsletter 5

March 2017


ERA-MBT Newsletter 4

November 2016


ERA-MBT Newsletter 3

December 2015


ERA-MBT Newsletter 2

July 2015



ERA-MBT Newsletter 1

Oktober 2014