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Scientific awards for young scientists

The DANIEL JOUVANCE- Institut de France Foundation is yearly awarding a prize of 4000 € to a young scientist working in marine biology, marine chemistry, marine biotechnology or oceanography.

The topic for the 2014 prize is:

Understanding Marine Ecosystems using Genomics


Applicants (less than 30 years old) should send before  31/10/2014

  • A CV Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum)    
  • A short but consistent abstract of the scientific work (4 pages maximum)
  • A copy of the title page of published papers and thesis.

To :

Daniel Jouvance Scientific Committee

c/o Prof. Y. LE GAL

Station de Biologie Marine du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle


The documents will be sent exclusively by E-mail

ylegal@mnhn fr  or 


The Daniel Jouvance Prizes are awarded yearly since 1992. 

The 2013 laureate was Christophe Kopp- Polytechnical School Lausane Switzerland


The Daniel Jouvance Marine Laboratories undertake to develop marine cosmetic products according to strict ethical guidelines: marine ingredients of are either collected (natural origin) or grown up (marine microalgae) under environmentally sustainable conditions on the Houat island (Brittany France). 

The Daniel Jouvance – Institut de France Foundation, created in 2008, initiate and support a large series of projects contributing to the advancement of marine biology and to a wide sharing of this knowledge.