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ERA-MBT Partners join 7th Call of ERA-IB2

Published on 6 October 2015

Partners in ERA-MBT and ERASynBio are joining ERA-IB2 in their 7th call with the topic “Industrial Biotechnology for Europe: an integrated approach”. It foresees the utilization of biomass – also from marine sources , for the development of innovative and industry relevant Industrial Biotechnology projects. This joint call activity highlights the potential for industries and academia to apply the biotechnology toolbox to process also marine biomass.

A fruitful cooperation between three “sister” initiatives is established and further developments will be pursued. By combining forces of the three ERA-NETs, more funding will be available and the geographical coverage is expanded. Joint projects must have a minimum of three and maximum of eight participants from a minimum of three different ERA-IB-2, ERASynBio and/or ERA-MBT partner countries. The participation of an industrial partner in the consortium is recommended but not mandatory. 

The 7th joint call will officially be launched on 2 November 2015. Submission of full proposals will be invited from 2 November 2015 and closes on 1 February 2016 (13:00 CET). Projects are expected to start in late 2016.

Read the news on the ERA-IB2 website for more details about the participating partners and call topics.