Name change of KiWiZ & Save the Date: GEOMAR-Biotech Symposium 17-18 December 2015 | Marinebiotech

Name change of KiWiZ & Save the Date: GEOMAR-Biotech Symposium 17-18 December 2015

Published 22 October 2015

Marine natural product chemistry and biotechnology research at GEOMAR has a new name, i.e. GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology (GEOMAR-Biotech). The new name will reflect the expertise and excellent capacity, and will allow a greater reputation, visibility and networking at national and international levels.

GEOMAR-Biotech is the successor of the KiWiZ (Kiel Centre for Marine Natural Products), but has a new name, new logo and new research directions. With enhanced chemical, analytical and biotechnology expertise and facilities, GEOMAR-Biotech will conduct both basic and applied research in most emerging areas on marine macro-organisms and microbiota. Drug discovery, food supplements, cosmetics, agriculture/aquaculture and process development for biotechnological production of marine microorganisms and their chemical ingredients will dominate our research. GEOMAR-Biotech thrives to be a top research centre and a key partner for large academic or industrial initiatives, nationally and internationally.

GEOMAR-Biotech is part of the newly established Research Unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry at the RD3 Marine Ecology. Deniz Tasdemir will be leading both GEOMAR-Biotech and the Research Unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry.

In order to mark the opening of GEOMAR-Biotech officially, a mini Symposium entitled ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Marine Biotechnology Research and Development in Europe’ will be held in Kiel on 17-18 December 2015 (please see the website,

This symposium will bring together prominent experts from academia and industry, complemented by statements from politics and society. The second day of the symposium (18 December) is dedicated to the official opening of the GEOMAR-Biotech and tour of our laboratories.

Please save the dates December 17-18 for GEOMAR-Biotech mini Symposium!!