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Prof. Dr Vyverman, Wim

Thesaurus term: Phytoplankton

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  • Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Laboratorium voor Protistologie en Aquatische Ecologie (PAE), more
  • Function: Director - Professor
    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +32-(0)9-264 85 01
    Fax: +32-(0)9-264 85 99
  • eCOAST
  • Function: Wetenschappelijk Directeur Ecologie
  • Oceans & Lakes : Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management
  • Function: Lecturer
    Direct contact at institute:

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  • A study of the carbon flux through the microbial food web in aquatic systems: experiments and modelling
  • Airborne hyperspectral potential for coastal biogeochemistry of the Scheldt Estuary and plume
  • Algal blooms: Emerging Problems for Health and Sustainable Use of Surface Waters
  • Analyse van de nutriëntenconcentraties in Antarctische en alpiene meren: paleolimnologische en biogeografische toepassingen
  • Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors
  • Belgian Polar Research Cluster
  • Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients
  • Biogeography and Biodiversity of the Sea - BBSea - Integration of ecological and evolutional patterns and processes
  • Biological evaluation of eleven sandy beaches along the Flemish Coast
  • Biotic interactions in turbid estuarine systems
  • Body - size and ecosystem dynamics: integrating pure and applied approaches from aquatic and terrestrial ecology to support an ecosystem approach
  • Cluster Eutrophication
  • Cyanobacterial blooms: toxicity, diversity, modelling and management
  • Diatomeeën als indicatoren voor de laat-kwartaire milieugeschiedenis van antarctica : constructie van een regionale kalibratie-dataset en reconstructie van milieuveranderingen op basis van meersedimenten
  • Diversity - Productivity Relationships in Microphytobenthos
  • Economic and Ecological Benefits from Sustainable Use of the Aral Sea Artemia Resource
  • Effects of dredgings and harbour expansion on the environment
  • Evolution of variation patterns in morphological and reproductive features in selected diatom taxa
  • Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
  • Identification and characterisation of genes modulated during sexual reproduction of diatoms
  • Investigation of the microbenthos in the Zeeschelde
  • Klimaatsschommelingen, productiviteit en voedselwebstructuur in het Tanganyikameer
  • Late Quaternary climate history of coastal Antarctic environments: a multi-proxy approach
  • Lipid-based, high value products and renewable energy from microalgae
  • OA-CL-016 BE-POLES: Belgische Polaire onderzoekscluster
  • Onderzoek naar de gevolgen van het Sigmaplan, baggeractiviteiten en havenuitbreiding in de Zeeschelde op het milieu
  • Paleolimnologische reconstructie van Holocene klimaatveranderingen en hun effect op de ijskapdynamiek en lacustriene microbiële gemeenschappen in Lützow Holm Bay (Oost-Antarctica)
  • Past climate variability at high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere - extending the Americas and Australasian palaeoclimate "Pole-Equator-Pole" (PEP) transects
  • Protective measures (SIGMA-Plan) against inundation of the river Scheldt (Belgium): possible environmental effects (AMIS research project)
  • Reproductive, genetic and phenotypic variation patterns in relation to toxicity in Pseudo-nitzschia pungens
  • Research on the environmental effects of the SIGMA plan
  • Research on the environmental effects of the SIGMA plan: Effects of dredgings and harbour expansion on the environment
  • Role of cell size in the induction of sexual reproduction in diatoms: identification of differentiallly regulated genes using cDNA-AFLP
  • Sex signaling and life cycle evolution in pennate diatoms
  • Silica retention in the Scheldt continuum and its impact on coastal eutrophication
  • Studie naar het fytoplankton in het Vlaams gedeelte van het Schelde-estuarium
  • Studies on the plankton communities in New Guinea and Australia : the underwater light climate in lakes and its impact on the population structure and -dynamics of primary producers
  • Study on microplankton and the microbial "loop" of the Sea Scheldt
  • Systematische studie van algae, fungi, plantae en invertebrata in het Indo-Melanesische gebied
  • Taxonomic, phylogenetic and biogeographic studies of Plantae, Fungi and Protoctista
  • Taxonomie, auto-ecologie en biogeografie van kritische diatomeeën en desmidiaceeëntaxa. Limnologisch onderzoek van laaglandbiotopen in Madang Province (Papoea-Nieuw-Guinea)
  • The Algal Microbiome: Friends and Foes
  • The influence of historical and ecological factors on the biogeography of diatoms: a molecular-fylogenetic and ecophysiological study of some representative taxa
  • The phytoplankton of the Flemish part of the Scheldt estuary
  • The phytoplankton of the Flemish part of the Scheldt estuary
  • The role of feeding strategies in shaping the structure and biodiversity of diatom and copepod communities
  • UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium
  • Understanding Diatom Biology by Functional Genomics Approaches
  • Vaststellen van het maximaal ecologisch potentieel/goed ecologisch potentieel voor kunstmatige en/of sterk veranderde Vlaamse waterlichamen - partim Boudewijnkanaal en achterhaven Zeebrugge (fytoplankton)
  • Vaststellen van het maximaal ecologisch potentieel/goed ecologisch potentieel voor kunstmatige en/of sterk veranderde Vlaamse waterlichamen - partim Spuikom Oostende
  • Vaststellen van het maximaal ecologisch potentieel/goed ecologisch potentieel voor kunstmatige en/of sterk veranderde Vlaamse waterlichamen - partim zoetgetijwaterlichamen 'getijdedijle en getijdezenne', 'getijdedurme' en 'getijdenetes'
  • Vergelijkend morfologisch- en moleculair-taxonomisch onderzoek van Bacillariophyta, Nematoda, Crustacea en Rotifera
  • Vergelijkend taxonomisch en ecologisch onderzoek van planktongemeenschappen in Nieuw-Guinea en Australië
  • Vergelijkende taxonomische, biogeografische en ecologische studies van benthische protistengemeenschappen in zoetwater- en estuariene milieu' s in gematigde en tropische gebieden

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  • Bacteria (16S) in Antarctic terrestrial soils of the Sor Rondane Mountains
  • Bacterial Diversity Assessment in Antarctic Terrestrial and Aquatic Microbial Mats
  • Data, scripts and model output to perform spatiotemporal analysis of plankton drivers in the Belgian part of the North Sea.
  • Marine phytoplankton community composition data from the Belgian part of the North Sea, 1968-2010
  • Marked changes in diatom and dinoflagellate biomass, composition and seasonality in the Belgian Part of the North Sea between the 1970s and 2000s
  • Microbial communities (Bacteria, Eukaryotes and Fungi) in Arctic, Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic lacustrine biofilms
  • Microbiome diversity in the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
  • OMES: Lippenbroek: Study on the evolution of a FCA-CRT area
  • Transparent exopolymer particles measured monthly in the Zeeschelde at 11 stations

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